Our team is made up of qualified Saudi teachers who demonstrate a passion for education and who will inspire and encourage their students to develop a love of learning. They are energetic ambitious and most importantly love interacting with children. They are expertly trained to deliver the best teaching experience for children.

Highly integrated teacher training program.

An Educational expert from RISE Academy provides intensive training, to young Saudi graduates with excellent English skills, followed by ongoing continuous assessment and monitoring of all teachers.

Rise Teachers are expertly trained in delivering and using the RISE ILL™ immersive methodology. The platform is designed to assist the teacher with each child’s individual needs, while continually monitoring and assessing their strengths and weaknesses. The system is structured to assist the teacher, each lesson is supported by practice, workout modules and lesson plans. This enables the teacher to deliver all or individual aspects of a subject to the whole class or on an individual basis depending on the specific needs of the students.

To simplify and communicate core concepts of Math and Science, each RISE center has a large set of learning manipulatives, (highly tactile props and teaching aids like toys, games, cards, CDS, books, etc.) which allow hands-on explanation of concepts.

A key feature of the RISE approach is the low student–teacher ratio. In a typical session, one teacher (with an assistant) teaches 16 children, making it easier to track each child’s progress and eventually grade them on a percentage system. The insightful management and evaluation system allows the teacher to pay individual attention to each student, making it easier to promptly identify and address children’s strengths and weaknesses.


Engaging, graphic-rich, audio-driven, interactive software
Students interact with American voice-overs and scenarios and speak only English in class.
Social interaction and respect for others are fostered within all RISE learning centers.
Learners are encouraged to interact with the IWBs and other learners, to collaborate, to contribute actively in class, and to think independently

Safe & Secure Environment

RISE learning centers are designed and branded to provide a safe, welcome, fun, and engaging learning environment for young learners, and offer a vibrant environment that inspires and stimulates learning monitored by surveillance cameras. With furniture designed specifically for the safety of the children.
We carefully planned the center environment by choosing soft colors to add vibrancy to children.