Research has shown that students who score highly on tests but lack non-cognitive skills tend to be less successful in higher education and the workforce.

The development of non-cognitive skills allows students to gain confidence and become active learners. Students with non-cognitive skills are more likely to take the initiative in learning, to become independent learners, to problem-solve, and to work comfortably in groups.

  • Students learn social, life, and work skills in a project-based non-cognitive skill course. Students develop those skills needed for excelling in school, university, and the workforce
  • Project- management skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Independent thinking and problem-solving
  • Application of knowledge (higher-order thinking)
  • Confidence, public speaking, etc.

Immersive Subject-based language acquisition gives purpose to language use and improves skills in core-curriculum subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Science.