World’s leading digital educational content

HMH_Logo-xsmallRISE uses the flagship digital products of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, one of the United States’s leading educational publishers. Titles include:

Millie’s Math House

(RISMART and RISE stage 1)

Visual, interactive teaching content, and teaching aids help children build relationships between concrete and abstract thinking.

Bailey’s Book House

(RISMART and RISE stage 1)

Creative activities help children develop their imagination. It develops their language concepts and thinking skills.

Sammy’s Science House

(RISMART and RISE stage 1)

This course provides children the opportunity to explore scientific concepts. Children improve their attention spans, observation, and their abilities to analyze and verify material.

Trudy’s Time and Place

(RISMART and RISE stage 1)

Children expand their knowledge of the world around them. They learn to create and read maps, explore neighborhoods, and learn about countries and cultures from around the world.

Integration of technology in teaching approaches

The application and integration of technology in education is a major point of discussion and debate for educators and parents. At RISE, we believe that you cannot look at technology in isolation. We carefully blend the interactivity of technology with some of the world’s strongest content. Consequently, students are more engaged and engrossed in lessons, making learning more participative, effective and fun.

RISE uses technology extensively in its delivery and recording of learning in all learning centers. The technology includes the following hardware and software pieces:

Destination Learning Management System (LMS):

allows teachers to assign actvities and tests to students, and then record test results and produce reports instantaneously

Multimedia Lessons and Tests:

the audio-driven, graphic-rich lessons engage students and address different learning styles. Students can hear correct pronunciation and intonation of all English pieces, and teachers can differentiate learning.

Interactive White Boards (IWBs):

allow students to interact dynamically with the various products in the classroom, making learning engaging, active, and creative.

Standardized and scalable teaching methods

RISE invests considerable time and effort in developing lesson plans that employ the most effective teaching methodologies

Standardized lesson plans gives all teachers access to the most successful methodologies for all lesson types and learning styles.

Standardized teaching approaches and lesson plans also provide a highly scalable curriculum model. All teachers teach to the same curriculum with the same lesson plans for every stage.

Global Citizen

  • Think independently and creatively to solve problems
  • Manage projects to produce effective results
  • Become initiators and visionaries
  • Use English in social and academic settings
  • Lead others to reach high goals and expectations