How does the RISE Learning Approach Work? How is it Different?

RISE – Improves knowledge acquisition and the independent application of the learning.
RISE – Inspires students to acquire language faster and apply learning earlier.
RISE – Motivates students to become better and more creative logical thinkers and problem solvers.

RISE is a complete departure from traditional, rote-based teaching. The RISE instructional model is called ILL™ (Immersive Language and Life Skills Learning). It encourages children to learn intrinsically, offering a proven way for children to both acquire language and, importantly, to learn how to use and apply it. Encouraging children to ask questions and seek answers, RISE inspires students to think logically, develop problem-solving skills, and nurture a love for language arts.
With RISE, we have a center-based day and afterschool programs for students aged 2–12 years. Students learn to explore creatively, and at their own pace, in a stress-free environment.

This new “immersive learning” concept and curriculum is carefully structured within a fun and dynamic language learning environment, totally different from the standard English Language Learning where the emphasis is places on the native English teacher. RISE teachers are highly trained in immersive learning techniques that combine technology with world-class interactive content. Teachers blend these with hand-on learning manipulatives to ensure successful language learning and comprehension.

The learning focus is on the delivery of two broad areas of skills and learning goals. Firstly, we deliver an innovative English language learning experience using US-based curricula of the core subjects – Math, English and Science. Secondly, we build in life-skills modules, covering creative problem-solving, presentation, teamwork and communication skills. The result is that RISE graduates have a clearer understanding of a practical English that has tremendous value in their future studies and careers.

How and Why is RISE Different from Other Centers?

  1.  Immersive and blended teaching methodology: RISE uses a combination of teacher-led, project-based and group activities to deliver fun-based and effective learning.
  2. Instruction Model: A key differentiator at RISE is that we teach in English rather than merely teaching English. Our instructional model guides students to learn core subjects through English. Students develop a practical and academic use for English, are trained to show initiative, learn actively, apply higher order thinking skills (HOTS), analyze and think independently.
  3. Interactive technology makes learning more engaging and interesting, mimicking the language acquisition process that students experienced when initially learning.
  4. subject-based US curriculum:  in RISE your kids are taught using the same lessons that the best K-12 schools in the US are using.
  5. Leadership Training Program (LTP): RISE students learn key life and communication skills to help develop their personality, self-confidence and leadership skills.
  6. Fun learning environment: RISE learning centers are designed to create a modern and fun setting, where kids are encouraged to interact and engage with teachers and fellow classmates